Terms and Conditions

  1. Broom Foundation is a registered charity: Charity Commission registration no. 1084316, Inland Revenue no. XN77898; and is governed by its own trust deed, the Charity Act 2011 and the Charity Commission for England and Wales. (Documents are available for inspection in our office).
  2. All donations given to Broom Foundation form part of the Broom Foundation charity, the legal right and duty of the trustees being to use them in accordance with the charity law and our charity objects, at the trustees’ sole discretion. Broom Foundation does undertake however to honour the donor’s recommendation with regards to the distribution of some of their funds.
  3. Vouchers are to be used for voluntary contributions & charitable donations only. Vouchers may not be used where the payee is providing a service or the donor is receiving any benefit, in exchange for the contribution.
  4. Broom Foundation will not honour a voucher that does not comply with Inland Revenue and Charity Commission regulations. We reserve the right to seek further confirmation and proof in order to verify that funds distributed are indeed a donation. In addition, foreign charity donations incur further stringent regulatory conditions, which necessitate completion of further documentation in order to verify the above.
  5. As per the terms set forth in its trust deed, Broom Foundation may invest some of its funds for the benefit of the trust and its subjects in strict accordance with the trust deed, its subjects and the charity commission.
  6. Broom Foundation charges a commission for account management & bank transfer fees for foreign charity donations. Further details can be found in the relevant sections on our homepage.

Terms & Conditions 2_16 (revised)