Frequently Asked Questions

What is Broom Foundation?

Broom Foundation is an independent registered charity devoted to you and the charities you donate to. With close to thirty years experience providing services for the administration of charity accounts, we ensure clients benefit from our personal and supportive service at all times. The advantages of a charity voucher account are manifold, facilitating & guaranteeing a simple, swift, streamlined and secure manner to create and manage your charitable donations.
Broom Foundation is a charity voucher system enabling donations to be distributed with ease to any charity of your choice. Our charity account lets you manage all your donations to charity in one place, and works just like a bank account. You receive monthly statements, and by registering for our online account portal, you will also be able to check your balance, view transactions, credit your account, order voucher books and download statements with ease.
Broom Foundation will automatically claim your Gift Aid tax relief on each appropriate donation made, maximising your giving power; and opportunely saving you almost 20% on tax-deductible expenses such as voluntary contributions to institutions and organisations.

What are the key benefits of a Broom Foundation Charity Account?

• We offer a very personal service - praised by clients and organisations alike
• Clients can have online access to their accounts. This includes crediting your account, viewing recent transactions, authorising direct charity donations, setting up standing orders & ordering voucher books.
• We provide pre-paid voucher books in convenient smaller denominations of 50p, £1, £2, £3, £5 or £10, as well as £18, £20, £25 & £50 vouchers for the larger charitable donation. In addition, you can make donations by use of our blank & pre-printed cheque books.
• We will automatically claim your Gift Aid tax relief on each appropriate donation made, maximising your giving power; and opportunely saving you almost 20% on voluntary contributions to organisations.
• We provide monthly computerised statements showing all account activity.
• We proudly support local institutions and donate our surplus profits at periodic intervals.

BroomPay Charity Donor Card

As online charity giving has taken great strides in recent years, largely due to our pioneering the Broom Foundation web portal and app, more and more charities have taken to reaching out and accepting charitable donations in this method too.
A Charity Donor Card, is the next step along this route, ensuring secure, greatly enhanced and simplified charitable giving even further. The simplicity and security of using a Charity Donor card are enviable … no fumbling for your voucher books, no searching for the working pen, no using personal credit cards… BroomPay is the solution.
This is a genuine banking product being issued via QPay under authority of Mastercard inc, with bank grade security and automated transaction confirmation receipts on each swipe. In addition, we have developed the software for this debit card to be fully integrated with your Broom Foundation client account. All card management features have been added to a new card management tab on the portal, and as expected, all debit transactions will be visible on your webpage as well as on your monthly statements, clearly defining the charity they have been donated to.
We invite you to register your interest at
We reserve the right to cancel your BroomPay Donor Card contract and withdraw your card if:
1. We suspect attempted use for any purpose where the donor is to paying for fees, benefits or services received, and/or usage contrary to our regulatory t’s & c’s as shown at
2. Total debit card spend per annum is below £100.
3. Atypical lost & stolen card reports and cancellations with subsequent re-registration.

Can I donate to any charity?

You can make a donation to any charity that is registered in the UK with the Charity Commission or OSCR (Scottish Charity Register), or if they have an HMRC exemption. You can also make voluntary contributions to state-aided schools and institutions.
We can also transfer funds to charities overseas; however these will require further verification.

Will charities know that I have sent them a donation?

Each donation made to a charity by Broom Foundation is sent with a remittance . This gives charities the donation information including Client name and voucher number. Clients can choose to remain anonymous if they wish for either single donations or all account activity, and would need to contact us to advise accordingly.

How do I credit my account?

After successfully opening an account, you can credit your account in various ways. The fastest method is via Bacs transfer direct to our account. We also accept cheque, cash and card payments at our office as well as PayPal & card payments on our online portal. We cannot accept account credits via third party charity vouchers.

Do you charge a fee for card payments?

We accept Visa, Maestro and MasterCard debit cards as well as Visa, MasterCard and American Express credit cards. We do not apply extra charges to card payments nor to those made via PayPal on the online portal

Can you claim Gift Aid Tax Relief for my company account?

Company accounts do not legally qualify for Gift Aid. However, you can usually offset any charitable donations against your annual corporate liability.
By using Broom Foundation, your company or charitable trust also benefit from an efficient and streamlined system, by having only one charity account to keep records for, thereby relieving you from keeping track of each charitable contribution.

What are your commission charges?

Broom Foundation provides the maximum level of service at a minimal cost to you. Administrative costs are incurred in the process, for which we take a fee. Our standard commission is 5% off your gross donation with this being reduced and rates tiered for larger donations dependent on account turnover and usage. Unlike many charity service providers, this is the only account charge payable; the charity receives the full value of your donation.
Broom Foundation is proudly associated with local projects and institutions; our current liabilities & overheads being below 2% of the total income, with surplus administration charges and a share of profits being distributed to selected local charities at periodic intervals.